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Sustainable Luxury

Crafted from 100% recycled glass, Glass Tile LOVE™ brings eco-friendly sophistication to your home and outdoor spaces. Our sustainable building materials are not just good for the earth; they elevate the aesthetics of your living environment.

Eye Catching Palette

Glass Tile LOVE™ offers a variety of colors including calming blues and greens that bring to mind the ocean. Additionally, there is vibrant red glass tile that adds warmth. Even our starlight whites and shimmering iridescents capture the essence of nature’s beauty.

Versatile Installation

These top-notch glass mosaic tiles perform well in swimming pools, shower floors, shower wall, or as a glass tile backsplash. Our tiles create a strong impact wherever you place them. From bathroom floors to kitchen backsplashes, Glass Tile LOVE™ tiles ensure a durable and stylish finish.

Unleash Your Creativity

Choose from 14 dynamic colorways and 4 unique styles – pebble, rectangle, square, and hex – to bring your design vision to life. Don’t miss out on our exclusive glow-in-the-dark tiles that add a touch of wonder to any space.

Color Harmony Gallery

Witness the stunning interplay between Glass Tile LOVE™ and artistic grout choices. Our gallery shows how colored grout can enhance the colors of our glass tiles, giving your designs more depth and character.

Azure grout enhances the calmness of blue tiles. Glitter grout creates a starry night effect on white tiles.

Different grout colors can transform your space into a sustainable work of art. These carefully chosen installations show how colored grout improves tile color and adds sophistication to the space. Let these visuals inspire a palette that’s uniquely yours — a testament to eco-elegance and creative vision combined.

Customer Love

Read stories from homeowners and designers who’ve fallen for Glass Tile LOVE™.

As an interior designer, I’m always looking for eco-friendly products that don’t compromise on luxury. Glass Tile LOVE™ is my go-to for clients who want sustainable beauty. The hex tiles with a hint of iridescence are a favorite!

Miguel D.
Enduring Love Rectangles + Starlike EVO 208 Sabbia

Enduring Love Rectangles + Starlike EVO 208 Sabbia

Our kitchen backsplash needed a facelift, and Glass Tile LOVE™ delivered. We paired (Enduring) the ocean green tiles with (208 Sabbia) a sand-colored grout, and it’s like cooking in a coastal dream. Plus, knowing it’s recycled glass makes me love it even more.

Sophia W.

We chose the iridescent pebble style Unconditional Glass Tile LOVE™ for the water line in our new pool, and the effect is magical. The way the water reflects off the tiles is like a vacation in our backyard. Could not be happier!

The Harrisons

I was searching for a unique accent for our boutique hotel lobby, and the rectangle Glass Tile LOVE™ tiles installed vertically instead of horizontally brought just the right amount of elegance and character. They’re not just tiles; they’re conversation starters.

Jacob T., Hotelier

From the first sample to the final installation, Midnight LOVE™ was a joy to work with. The tile quality is exceptional, and the colors are even more vibrant in person. We’ve found our forever choice in tile.

Erica and Sam R.

I’m not easily impressed, but the glow-in-the-dark tiles from Glass Tile LOVE™ have turned our bathroom into a starry night. It’s an experience, not just a space.

Liam G.

Our clients expect the best, and with Glass Tile LOVE™, we deliver every time. The color range and the sustainable aspect set these tiles apart. They’re a staple in our luxury home designs.

Julia V., Residential Architect

The burning bright reds of Glass Tile LOVE™ have transformed our guest bathroom. It’s warm, inviting, and utterly stunning. We’re literally the envy of all our neighbors.

Michelle P.
Burning Love (Red) Iridescent Recycled Glass Tile - Shown in Chips

Burning Love (Red) Iridescent Recycled Glass Tile – Shown in Chips

The quality of these recycled glass tiles surpassed my expectations. We installed the square style Burning Love in our spa, and the compliments from clients haven’t stopped. The Glass Tile LOVE™ collection is truly a game-changer.

Anna L., Day Spa Owner

We wanted an eco-friendly home, and Glass Tile LOVE™ plus Starlike EVO Grout fit the bill perfectly. Knowing our beautiful bathroom is chemical free and also kind to the planet gives us peace of mind.

The Chen Family

These tiles changed the way I feel about my bathroom – it’s like an everyday spa day at home!

Emily R.

Our Commitment to the Planet

In every Glass Tile LOVE™, you’ll find a commitment to sustainable practices. We are proud to contribute to a greener world by turning recycled glass into beautiful and unique glass tile.

Infographic: lifecycle of recycled glass turning into glass-tile love recycled-glass-tiles

Ready to Transform Your Home?

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