Design Tile

Translucent Grout

Starlike Crystal and ColorCrystal EVO Grout

When working with glass tile, it is important to choose grouting products that play up the tile’s unique beauty, rather than detracting from it. For glass mosaic projects and artistic installations, Starlike® Crystal Glass Grout is a perfect choice. A translucent grout, Starlike® Crystal Glass Grout is comprised of tiny, hollow glass beads, which cause it to reflect and refract light. This makes it the perfect glass tile grout, because this bending of light creates a chameleon effect, in which the grout assumes the hues of the tile when the tile is colored all the way through, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the installation. Because of these light refracting qualities, Starlike® Crystal Glass Grout eliminates the need for colored grout, as this glass tile grout takes on a neutral or translucent look.