EpoxyElite EVO White 1 (100 Bianco Assoluto) 5 kg – 11lb




Epoxy Elite EVO Acid-resistant 2-part epoxy mortar for the installation and grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics with 1/32” to 5/8” (1 to 15 mm) joints. For virtually all areas of application, indoor and outdoor floors and walls, also rated for pool and steam environments. Product with ultra-low emission of volatile organic substances (VOC) the ZHERORISK formulations provides an innovation which are safer for the installer, the jobsite and have no transportation or environmental negatives like all of the other epoxy grouting products.

Innovative new approach to Epoxy Mortar that enables a smoother matt finish. Epoxy Elite EVO is a commercial product that can be used as a non-sag setting material and grouting product. Extremely easy to install and maintain (follow specific instructions for this product).

2-part anti-acid epoxy mortar. Part A consists of a mixture of epoxy resin, fine-grain siliceous aggregates, pigments and specific organic additives. Component B consists of an innovative organic catalyst. The 2 parts, once mixed together at room temperature will have a full 60 minutes of application and cleaning time, and forms a creamy mixture with excellent smoothness, also for no-drip vertical application. Once hardened, the product has ultra-high performance in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance. The grout is industrial grade performance even when subjected to enzymatic cleaners and other harsh environments. When applying grout to tile we recommend using The Tile Doctor Green Epoxy Float. This float is specially designed to spread grout into joints when grouting tile with epoxy-based grout.


  • All-in-one grout and adhesive, meets ANSI A118.3 Standard for Chemical Resistant, Water Cleanup Tile Setting and Grouting. Excellent results in the adhesion strength test, much higher than the standard limit, as an adhesive, it is recommended when installing thin mosaics
  • Smooth and compact joints, the colors have a soft and intense appearance which blends perfectly with the surface of the wood look tiles, making the joints, in matching colors, virtually invisible
  • Fluid application, the fineness of the quartz grains allows a much more fluid application of the mix, making it easier to fill the joints in less time and with less work by the installer
  • Easy cleaning, joints made with EpoxyÉlite EVO stay looking good for longer because they are easy to clean, with excellent water repellency and do not absorb any kind of stain, even the toughest industrial stains
  • Ideal for industrial use, excellent compressive strength, much higher than the standard and flexural strength much higher than the standard
  • Recommended: Use Tile Doctor Green Epoxy Float for best results when grouting tile with epoxy – based grout.
  • White scrub pads included sized at 4 1/2 x 5 must be used with plenty of water in intial cleaning then use sweepex sponge for final wipe.
  • If haze persists, after 24 hours use Tile Doctor Haze Remover to fine tune the removal