Wood Decor Rectangle 3 in x 9 in, Matte, Ceramic, Rustic Wall Tile


Line: Wood Decor
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 3” x 9” x .3” nominal
Color: Brown
Finish: Matte
Material: Ceramic
Look: Rustic
Coverage: 7.99 sq. ft. / case
Quantity: 5 Pack or Case of 44
Style: Modern



Introducing Wood Decor, a beautiful 3 inch x 9 inch Spanish Ceramic Wall Tile. Elevate your living spaces with these exquisite tiles that add a modern rustic charm to your walls.

Matte Surface for Artistic Depth:

Wood Ceramic Wall Tiles feature a matte surface that accentuates the wood grain, enhancing the overall allure of your walls. The tactile appeal of the tiles brings a unique element to your interior spaces.

Pleasing Random Finished Look:

Wood Decor Wall Tiles boast a pleasing random finished look, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere. Each tile presents a unique pattern, ensuring that your walls stand out with a delightful sense of individuality.

Embrace the Rich Heritage of Spanish Craftsmanship:

Inspired by the legacy of Spanish design, these tiles add a touch of rustic elegance to your home, evoking a timeless charm that never goes out of style.

Wood Pattern for Visual Impact:

The tiles’ realistic wood pattern adds visual impact to your walls, making them a captivating focal point. The interplay of lines create a dynamic backdrop for your interiors, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter

Durable and Reliable:

Constructed with high-quality ceramic, Wood Decor Wall Tiles are built to stand the test of time. Their durability ensures that your walls maintain their stunning appearance for years to come, making them a reliable investment for your home or business.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Should you choose to grout Wood Decor Wall Tiles with Starlike EVO or not, they are designed for easy installation, streamlining your wall makeover process. Once installed, their low-maintenance nature ensures that your walls remain effortlessly stylish with minimal upkeep. 

Perfect for Creative Patterns:

The 3 inch x 9 inch size of our Wood Decor Tiles allows you to create custom patterns and designs, adding a personal touch to your walls. 

Elevate Your Spaces with Spanish Ceramic Wall Tiles:

Add these exquisite tiles to your cart now and experience the timeless beauty and versatility they bring to your home, office or shop.