Commercial Grade Scrub Dr. Scrub Pad Holder with Scraper Edge including 4 pack Multi-surface Scrub Pads


Commercial Scrub Pad Holder and Edge Scraper for Grouting





  • Solid handle: commercial grade with scraper edge, lifetime warranty
  • Scrub pads that are good for the environment: each pad is made from 16 recycled plastic bottles, no need for harsh, toxic chemicals in order to remove tough dirt, grime on surface areas, simply choose your scrub pad color for the job and remove tough dirt and grime without the chemicals, made from post-consumer and industrial 100% recycled materials, biodegradable and only water-based latex resins
  • Scrub pads that are reusable, customizable and easy to clean: once you are finished using your scrubbing pad, simply place your scrub pad in the dishwasher or washing machine to cleanse your pad! use until it is no longer viable. cut your pad to your desired size
  • Multi-purpose: appliances, sinks, washing machine gasket grime, scuffing prior to repainting and so much more
  • Multi-use kit comes with 4 different textured pads and 1 interchangeable handle for simple, easy clean up no matter the job